Ronnie Ronalde was a proud member of the GRAND ORDER OF WATER RATS – 
Film Stars to Punch and Judy Men; Pop Stars to Sporting Heroes; Comics to Dramatic Actors; Musicians to Television Presenters; Magicians to Photographers; Radio Stars to Royalty. The Grand Order of Water Rats exists as a wonderful Fraternity and Charitable Organization.

Robert Stemmons
Internationally known professional whistler and recording artist Robert Stemmons has recorded several volumes of “The Whistler’s Whistling Workout for Birds” and has toured the world in the Cirque du Soleil production of Corteo as “The Loyal Whistler”.

Uckfield FM – 
The wonderful Uckfield FM community radio station often features Ronnie Ronalde.

Kenneth Earl –
Kenneth Earl Management

Brinsworth House –
Brinsworth House stands as a place of safety, peace, happiness and tranquillity. Appropriately labelled the Old Pro’s Paradise, it can accommodate up to 40 residents who are cared for by a dedicated team of highly trained nurses and care assistants.

Set within over three acres of land, Brinsworth House is a beautiful mansion on the outskirts of Twickenham and for over one hundred years has become the home of many retired artists and those of who have spent their lives serving the entertainment industry.