Around The World On A Whistle (Autobiography)


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Ronnie Ronalde can celebrate over 1000 performances at Radio City Music Hall New York
Screen Legend Marilyn Monroe met some powerful men during her Hollywood days but it was Ronnie
Ronalde’s whistling at RCMH that struck the right chord when the breathless platinum Blonde told Ronnie
that his whistling made her shiver, and shiver she did. Ronnie never forgot it
Roy Roger’s horse Trigger was also affected by Ronnie’s whistling, but how? well that’s another story you’ll
have to find out from the book.

The famous entertainer has spent his life traveling the world singing and yodeling and with his piercing
whistle performed with Duke Ellington, Sophie Tucker, Edith Piaf, Josef Locke, Olsen, and Johnson, Julie
Andrews, Laurel, and Hardy, Ginger Rogers, Tony Pastor, Cavan O’Connor, Arthur Tracey, Gracie Fields,
Max Bygraves, Benny Hill, Peter Sellers, Sir Harry Secombe, Sandy Powell, Catarina Valente, Neil Finn
and many more.

Read all about Ronnie performing before Queen Elizabeth II and receiving his USA Hall of Fame Whistling
Award in Louisburg NC in his autobiography, 300 pages full of stories and pictures spanning over 60 years
of his theatre life around the world. Simon Blumenfeld, writer for many years in “The Stage”, after reading the autobiography, wipte:
“RON-DERFUL. I have read a number of stars’ autobiographies.
This is among the very best.”

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