Ronnie Ronalde : Around the World on a Whistle Volume 2 : CD


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Following the success of Volume 1 EMI released this album featuring mostly singing and yodeling
tracks to show Ronnie’s ease in which he could summon the amazing power and range from
operatic tenor to an unbelievable high falsetto. On this album you can hear his voice and perfect
diction of a trained singer.
This album also makes a feature of the art of yodeling which had always intrigued young Ronnie
and was first attempted by him within a Bavarian scene staged by Steffani with his “Silver
Songsters”; this love for yodeling grew to have him eventually acclaimed as one of the best
yodelers in England.

Little Swiss Maid • Down The Trail Of Aching Hearts • Edelweiss • Down By the Old Zyder Zee •
Hair Of Gold, Eyes of Blue • The Umbrella Man • Where the Sweetheart Roses Grow • When It’s
Springtime In the Rockies • Sweetwater Mountain • The World is Waiting for the Sunrise • I
• Love’s Old Sweet Song • Waltz Medley • Ballad Of Davy Crockett • If I Were A Blackbird •
Happy Trails • A Wandering Star • A Bird Sings • You Always Hurt the One You Love • Alpine
Polka • Lonely Little Robin • Greensleeves • Mariandl • Yo Te Amo • Yodelling Rag • Lady Of
Lake Lucerne• If Those Lips Could Only Speak

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