Ronnie Ronalde : The Magic Of Ronnie Ronalde : CD


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The release of this CD acknowledges the demands of the thousands who remember when Ronnie
Ronalde was just about as big a star in the UK as it is possible to be; when he was topping the bill
at major theatres around the world, appearing regularly on British TV and his records were being
played daily on BBC Radio’s Light Programme.

This album lives up to Ronnie’s reputation as “The Voice of Variety” where you can hear not only
Ronnie’s unsurpassed whistling but also his many varied bird calls, yodeling and his classical

If I Were A Blackbird • Skye Boat Song • Mockingbird Hill • Springtime • Bells Across the
Meadow • I Miss My Swiss, My Swiss Misses Me • I Found My Romance In Vienna • With All
My Heart • Song Of The Mountains (La Montanara) • On Wings Of Song • Last Night (The
Nightingale Song) • Rose Of The Mountain • The Yodelling Boy • Stars Are The Windows Of
Heaven • The Skaters’ Waltz • Lo! Hear The Gentle Lark • Let Me Sing In Echo Valley • The
Yarmouth Song • The Song Of The Thrush • Swedish Rhapsody • Beautiful Dreamer • Mirabelle •
The Windmill Song • Down The Trail Of Aching Hearts • Soldiers In The Park • In A Monastery

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