Ronnie Ronalde : Route 86 : CD


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Ronnie’s music has always been fresh and original.
This new album presents a new style. Gone is the clipped, “BBC” accent of the early recordings
and in its place is the relaxed voice and whistling of Ronnie Ronalde 2010, clearly enjoying
The atmosphere of this album is almost as if Ronnie had come to your house to perform – just for
It is a delightful mix of songs —singing, yodelling and whistling — some of them new to Ronnie’s
recorded repertoire.

Happy Whistler • Lara’s Theme • 0 Sole Mio • Sanctuary of the Heart
Skaters Waltz • Echo Valley • Ave Maria • Danny Boy
Sorrento • II Bacio • Yodelling Rag • Sailor’s Hornpipe
Aching Hearts • Happy Trails • Bird Lovin’

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