Ronnie Ronalde : The Story Of Christmas : CD


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The theme of this album is the traditional English Christmas. In the beautiful countries of Australia and New Zealand, Ronnie has always been told by ex-patriots and settlers, that, whilst they now embrace those countries as home, it is at Christmas that they most fondly remember England. Ronnie has always enjoyed performing Christmas music and his Christmas records were always very popular with the record-buyers as well as radio DJs.

In this album we have drawn together Ronnie’s Christmas recordings to produce a programme that presents the breadth of music, emotions and activities with a typical ‘Christmas in England’. The combination of snow scenes, merry-making, feasting and presents take their place alongside the reflection about absent friends and loved ones which is so dear to our hearts at this time. And running through the programme is the recurrent reminder of the wonderful ‘Story of Christmas’ and the spiritual sanctuary to Christians of all denominations through the birth of Christ.

Christmas Lullaby • Christmas Tide • Christmas In The Village • MacNamara’s Band • Little White Berry • Party Rhymes • Christmas At Home • Yodelling Rag • Forget Me Not • The Story Of Christmas • Grandfather Kringle • I left my Heart in an English Garden • Sanctuary Of The Heart • Good Old Christmas Day • Prayer In The Twilight • Tritsch Tratsch Polka • Ave Maria • Evening Chimes

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