Ronnie Ronalde : Around the World on a Whistle Volume 1 : CD


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There can be many famous singers, but there is only one famous Whistler, Ronnie Ronalde.”
Tony Potter of the Auckland News Media in an interview called Ronnie “The Pavarotti of
Romie Ronalde certainly has something to crow about and something to whistle about! He started
to perform in the early thirties and is still perfuming in the late nineties.
This compilation features many of Ronnie’s earlier recorded songs and was put together at the
time of the publication of his autobiography “Around The World on a Whistle”

The Happy Whistler • Il Bacio • Morning Star • One Brief Summer • Danish Rhapsody • Dream of
Olwen • Medley: Have You Ever Been Lonely !Tip Toe Through The Tulips / Who’s Sony Now!
The Birth Of The Blues • Innocent Sinners • Safe In The Harbour • On The Quarter Deck • Largo
• Somewhere My Love • French Can-Can • Sea Shells • In A Monastery Garden • Silver Threads
Among The Gold • Bye Bye Blackbird • If Those Lips Could Only Speak • A Bird Sings •
Mackin’ Bird Hill

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